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Empowering individuals in American communities and impoverished nations to complete an unfinished part of their personal goals, which will directly improve their quality of life.

The Serumaga Organization believes that encouraging a healthy lifestyle through positive parent /child dynamics, as well as promoting sustainability and healthy choices is a key part of empowering individuals to pursue and complete goals which change the world.

This is a tribute to a world of individuals who share life struggles and have overcome obstacles. See more on the life of Robert Bellarmino Serumaga.

The Serumaga Organization envisions a world where individuals live a better quality of life.


The Serumaga Organization is a ten-year "work in progress," but was founded in December 2001. The founder, Karundi Serumaga, is one of the daughters of Robert Serumaga, deceased Playwright and Ugandan political figure, who's life struggles inspired the foundation.

Robert Serumaga's estate was funneled to several sources after his death in 1980. Only a comparatively small portion of his estate remained within the family. As with the natural effects of war, many pieces were left to be picked up and gathered. Unfortunately, most of those pieces were all over the world. Gathering artifacts which represent Serumaga's life and career is an ongoing process. Case in point -- Serumaga's son Robert Jr., on a trip back to Uganda from his home in London where he fled to as a refugee during the revolution, happened upon a yard sale. To his surprise, his friend found a statue of a foot his Father was presented with by the Polish Government for dramatic works.


Karundi Serumaga has been active in the non-profit sector for ten years. Though the actual Foundation's official conception was in 2001, Serumaga has lived out the ideals of the Serumaga Foundation for a decade. She has applied these ideals to other organizations with which she has worked and of which she has been a board member.


The organizational values of the Serumaga Foundation include the following:

· Serumaga Foundation operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with our donors as well as our recipients and the community at-large.

· Serumaga Foundation fosters an internal atmosphere that encourages integrity, trust via open, honest and direct communication, innovation, and strongly rewards progress in these areas.


Elephants: A symbol of bravery. Elephants are the largest living animals. Their thick skin protects them from most other wild animals. Having little to fear, elephants are peaceful and good-natured, though they do become aggressive when their young are in danger. The leader is generally the most even-tempered. They are loving and affectionate towards one another, are very close knit, and will set the pace of their track so that even their very young and old can keep up.

Traditionally, elephants are a symbol of the removal of obstacles. They are patrons of learning and literature. In some cultures, elephants are highly respected regarding worship and the undertaking of a new enterprise.

The Elephants: A play by Robert Serumaga, published in 1971

"Anyone can overcome overwhelming situations to achieve bravery."

-- Karundi Serumaga

Programs and Services the Serumaga Foundation Provides

· Scholarship Awards

· Self-sufficiency grants

Service Area

National and international

Scholarship Awards

Any individual may apply for scholarships to complete an education. The individual must be in a situation of hardship and be able to prove that they have fallen short of the goal of finishing their education because of financial reasons. The individual must prove that they have no other means of paying for their education, including receiving government financial aid. Individuals seeking a scholarship must be enrolled in the educational program or institution at the time of application. The program or institution the individual is enrolled in must directly affect his/her ability to be self-sufficient. Other criteria, a program description, and program rules may be found in the organization's bylaws.

Self-Sufficiency Grants

Any individual may apply for a grant to help complete a project or be a part of a program which helps them to become self-sufficient. These programs include:

1. A program the individual needs in order to work: The individual in this situation must not be currently working, or be able to work, because they do not have the money to pay for specific training programs they are enrolled in, or have not completed the program in which they are applying for funds due to their lack of funds.

2. A project or business plan, which will directly achieve for the individual the goal of being self-sufficient: The individual in this situation applying for a grant must prove that the goal they wish to reach (self-sufficiency) is attainable through the proposed project. They must also prove that lack of funds is the cause of their inability to attain their goal.

The above programs and services are not exhaustive and will continue to be developed by people with expertise in the public and private sector who will be directed by the objectives of the organization to reach the five year goal.



-Eco-Friendly/Sustainable businesses, missions, & Orgs.

- Children's Needs

- Alternative Educational Grants

- Micro-Enterprise


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